The Red Mage of Sunny Glade

The Red Mage doesn’t live in the territory of Highstone. He is one of those called outsiders or fragmen… Not only the impoverished, outcast, desperate and mad find their way into the endless forest – magic seems intenser the deeper into it you go, and therefore those interested in sorcerous power often wander in, rarely ever to be seen again. Some, however, manage to carve out small clearings, making deals with powers great and small, and construct themselves huts or hovels, houses or towers, or even small settlements with a few servants of guards. Some empower their own small walls of will, demarcated by simple white stones, a small hedge, or a fairy ring of mushrooms and toadstools. Here, surrounded by forest on all sides, they delve into magical mysteries, away from the rules and scrutiny of the guilds of magic.

The Red Mage, is one such wizard. Living less than two hours walk north of the border of the Territories of highstone, about half way between the city itself and the north-eastern corner of its territories. He lives in a tower in a glade with a few small buildings scattered around its base. He has one or two servants who often make their way through the forest along a narrow, protected path  which joins the Great Northern Road and thus to the Territories of Highstone, in order to barter and buy food and other small items. Indeed, sometimes the Red Mage himself is seen, for he is partial to a glass of ale and some conversation. The border walkers let him be – he has never caused any trouble and has a vested interest in fending off any threats that pass his territory.

Those that have met him, usually over a pint of ale, tell of a generally friendly individual who has a tendency for saying things that nobody understands, giggling madly, and then forgetting what he was saying.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes profile:

The Red Mage – Personality
Points 82 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Traits Trait: Spell-caster (P)
Spell: Fireball (P), Flaming Touch (P), Wall of Fire (P)


Tales of Blades and Heroes profile:

The Red Mage (102 pts)
Quality: 4+ (Physical: 5+ Mental: 3+ Social: 4+)
Combat: 0
Special Rules: Focused +1 Mental -1 Physical, Mace-1, Magic-User, Throwing-2,


Magic: Air-2, Create-4, Enhance-2, Fire-4,  Heal-1, Humanoid-2, Move-2, Protect-2, Smoke -2, Wall-2


Miniature by Essex Miniatures, sculpted by Bob Olley.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes & Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.

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