Grak Marbull

Grak is a member of the race known as ogres. He is, despite is appearance, a sensitive soul who enjoys writing heroic ballads and surpising people with his deep yet melodic voice singing. Ogres are, however, rarely employed for their singing voices, and Grak works as a caravan guard, guarding travellers and merchants who can’t or won’t use balloons to travel and instead have to brave the long, straight paths through the forests. He often works guarding caravans to and from from the mines around Highstone. He has also worked on a number of occasions for Rayia Morel, researcher for the ruling council, and makes for a fearsome addition to any team he works with.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes profile:

Grak Marbull
Points 76 Quality 3+ Combat 4
Traits Trait: Big, Bludgeon, Hard Hide, Heavy Weapon


Tales of Blades and Heroes profile:

Q4, C2 (87pts)

Physical Q – 3
Mental Q -5
Social Q – 4

Battle Axe 4, Big, Focused +1 Physical -1 Mental, Intimidation 1, Light Armor, Singing 2, Strong 2, Tough 1


Miniature by Citadel Miniatures (Jes Goodwin sculpt I believe)

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes & Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.


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