Rayia Morel

Rayia is not orginally from Highstone. Rumor has it that she was an acolyte of a cult who fled her temple, far to the south-east of Highstone, after it was overrun by an incursion from the surrounding deep forests. After many adventures, she finally reached Highstone and realised that it offered her the freedom and independence she wanted.

Rayia is unusual in that she is part of two, seemingly mutually exclusive circles in Highstone. She is an official researcher for the ruling magical council, having given them detailed information on the cults of the south and regularly being sent on information-gathering missions to locations all across the world. She also has connections to the ‘more colourful’ parts of Highstone society, having worked as a dancer and musician when first arriving to the town and now being a source of employment for mercenaries of all kinds when on official council business.

Although she has extensive knowledge of magic for influencing people and creating illusions, she is more likely to rely on her natural social skills before resorting to magic.

Now in her late 30s, Rayiya holds the rank of Captain in the Emergency Militia.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes profile:

Rayia Morel – Personality
Points 102 Quality 3+ Combat 2
Traits Trait: Difficult Target, Leader (L,P), Spell-caster (P), Will of Iron, Will of the Gods
Spell: Break Enchantment (P), Courage (P), Fear (P)


Tales of Blades and Heroes profile:

Rayia Morel (221 pts)

Quality: 4+ (Physical: 4+ Mental: 4+ Social: 3+)
Combat: 0
Special Rules:  Dancing -4 (*), Empathy-2, Gifted +1 Social, Knowledge – Cults & Religions-3, Knowledge – Culture/Art-2, Knowledge – Etiquette-3, Knowledge – Geography-4, Leadership, Magic-User, Play Instrument-2, Poison-1, Seduction-4,  Short Sword-3, Singing-3, Streetwise-2, Strong Willed-2,


Analyze-1, Charm-1, Create-3, Emotion-2, Enhance-2, Hide-3, Humanoid-1, Illusion-3, Magic-1, Self-3, Weaken-1

  • new abilities – ‘Dancing’ – character has knowledge of a wide variety of dances and can use them as appropriate.

Miniature by Hasslefree Miniatures.

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes & Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.