The threats of the forest areas of the world in which Highstone is situated are in many ways unlimited. Myths, fairy tales, monsters, nightmares… they all dwell there. From the benign to the outright hostile, from harmless sprites to the great powers whose names are whispered on dark nights… Baba Yaga, Lilith, Long Lankin… Most threats are of the lesser order. People corrupted by their fears, dreams desires… twisted and changed into… almost anything. There are however common types, corrupted by the same basic character traits. Thankfully relatively rare, one type known for raiding graveyards and small settlements, the ghoul, is a dangerous and cunning adversary…

Points 29 Quality 4+ Combat 3
Traits Trait: Greedy, Poison, Quick


Miniature by RPE (Originally a Metal Magic DSA miniature)

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes & Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.

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