Border Walker – Arlo Rundle

Arlo Rundle is one of the border walkers who live along the walls, fences and hedges that mark the boundary of the farmlands and noble estates that spread out at the foot of Highstone. The border walkers are often huntsman or small farmers who receive an income from the city for keeping watch on small section of the boundary, dealing with lone incursions and, if necessary, lighting a watch beacon to alert the other border walkers and the emergency militia of a larger incursion. Arlo is a loner who tends some small orchards and smokeweed fields on the northern border. Years dealing with the strange and bizarre incursions have made him a skilled and fearless fighter.

Tales of Blades and Heroes profile

Arlo Rundle – 47pts

Q4 C2

Q Physical – 3
Q Mental – 4
Q Social – 5

Axe 3 (18pts), Fearless (10pts), Focused +1 Physical -1 Social, Forester (3pts), Green Thumb (1pt), Knowledge – Agriculture 3 (6pts), Knowledge – Local Geography 2 (4pts), Light Armour (5pts)

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes profile

Arlo Rundle
Points 42 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Traits Trait: Fearless, Forester


Miniature by Citadel Miniatures



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