City Watch Part 1

Here are the first inhabitants of my fantasy town (provisonally named ‘Highstone’). The beginnings of the city watch. Sgt Darnan (a 90s Citadel halbardier) and his slavering friend, Nibbler (A Citadel ‘Mordheim’ dog).


Stats for Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes.

Rolan Harnan – age 35. Comes from a long line of soldiers and watchmen. Despite the usual veneer of low-level casual sexism, racism, petty corruption, the tendency to swear like a parrot in a cart workshop and for his arrestees to ‘accidently’ walk into walls and fall down stairs … he is basically honest. Most of his bravado is simply that – a veneer obtained over the years on the job. He can be bribed regarding small issues – but would never betray his town or the watch and its principles. Often to be found on duty at the town airship tower or the main gates. If encountered at night, there is a 10% chance he will be slightly drunk.

Sgt Darnan
Points 58 Quality 3+ Combat 3
Traits Trait: Disarming Block (MA), Evade and Counter (MA), Heavy Weapon


Nibbler likes nibbling on cheese and criminals. Hence the name.

Points 45 Quality 4+ Combat 4
Traits Trait: Agile, Animal, Long Move



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