Sci-fi Bio Technician Sk’Weeg

Werbung wegen Markennennung. Considered Advertising due to naming of brands.

The ship’s first officer looked impatiently at his schedule and then down at the small orange alien standing before him. “Well Mr Sk’Weeg, what do you say? We need an answer straight away. Our next tour starts tomorrow at 6am ship time.” Sk’Weeg looked up at the human officer towering above him. “So, I’d be responsible for full bio-monitoring, bio-hazard quarantine protocols, level one medical oversight of crew, including bio scrub-down measures after contact with unclassified organics, bio threat analysis and synthesis of active counter agents… for a 5% share of operating profits…?” His voice trailed off leaving the distinct impression that he wasn’t convinced. The human officer nodded whilst checking the job description, mumbling under his breath as he read down the long list of duties of a ship’s bio technician. “Yes… and, it seems, that you’d also be responsible for the sexual health of the crew and, it says here, cataloguing mould samples.” Sk’Weegs ears quivered and he looked up with an unmistakable look of excitement in his eyes. “Cataloguing mould samples! Ok! I think you have found yourself a bio technician!”

This little guy was sculpted by me and is tiny – 13mm to his eyes – and should be available from Winter Pig Miniatures soonish. Full disclosure – I had to redo his eyes – I went a little overboard removing a mould line because I am ham-fisted. The floor is an imprint on thin polystyrene using a textured roller from Greenstuff World – then painted by me.

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