Just the questions

1) If you were in Starfleet, which department do you think you would end up in – command, engineering, science, medical or security?

2) Do you have a favourite saying or motto from science-fiction, fantasy or superhero media?

3) If you had to restrict your comic collection (or simply the comics you read) to those of a single country, which country would that be? Why?

4) What is your favourite comic book adaptation on the big or small screen? Is it also the best in your opinion – or is it your favourite for a different reason?

5) What is the worst film adaptation of a comic book or novel in your opinion? Why?

6) Is there a sci-fi, fantasy or superhero TV series that you feel is grossly underrated?

7) Not including Frankenstein, what is the oldest sci-fi novel you have read?

8) DC or Marvel?

9) With which character from sci-fi, fantasy or superhero media would you most like to go out for a night on the town?

10) In which fantasy setting would you most like to live?

11) If you could have one modest super power to aid you in your day-to-day life, what would it be?

12) If you could choose one small to medium sized spaceship to be your own, which would you choose?

13) If you could be a magic user, which fantasy setting’s magic system would you most like to master?

14) Are there any sci-fi, fantasy or superhero novel or comics of which you have bought more than one copy of a particular title? (not different titles within a setting, but rather multiply copies of The Hobbit for example).

15) Which fictional character springs to mind when you hear the description ‘the greatest villain of all time?’

16) You can go for a ride in a time machine – where in time would you like to go?

17) Is there a sci-fi, fantasy or superhero film or TV series crying out for a reboot? Is there anything that should never be rebooted – why?

18) What do you collect, how extensive is your collection and what is your favourite item in your collection?

19) If you could be a member of any fantasy race, which would you choose and why?

20) If you could be a member of any alien species, which would you choose and why?

21) How important is scientific accuracy for you in science fiction and superhero media? How ‘hard’ do you like your sci-fi?

22) When a novel or comic is adapted for the cinema or TV, how closely should it stick to its source material? Can you think of any examples that really annoyed you by diverging from the source material too much?

23) Who is your favourite superhero? Why?

24) In your opinion, which sci-fi, fantasy or superhero film or TV show has the best theme tune or best musical leitmotif?

25) If you were a superhero, what would your costume look like?

26) Do you find that fantasy and science fiction novels are getting too long and becoming bogged down in seemingly never-ending series or do you enjoy the experience of accompanying characters over thousands of pages? Can you give any specific examples that are good or bad due to their length?

27) Do you have a favourite decade for comics?

28) Apart from Tolkien, who would you say is the most influential fantasy author the genre has seen?

29) Are there any fantasy tropes or plot devices that you feel have become so ubiquitous that they bore you?

30) Are there any superheroes or super powers that you find too overpowered?

31) What do you think of mashups? Are there any that you would really like to see?

32) Do you have a favourite sci-fi, fantasy or superhero parody?

33) In your opinion, to what extent do the sci-fi, fantasy and superhero genres have to reflect current opinions and social trends by examining these themes as part of their storytelling?

34) If you were putting together a mix tape or playlist of songs and pieces of music from or about the fantasy, sci-fi and superhero genres, what would you include?

35) If you could join the crew of any sci-fi ship – which would it be?

36) Do you like digitally remastered versions of older films and series, or do you prefer watching the originals?

37) Who is/are your favourite artist(s) from the sci-fi, fantasy and/or superhero genres?

38) Particularly interesting things can happen when genres meet. For example when the sci-fi, fantasy or superhero genres meet the detective/crime genre. Do you have a favourite sci-fi, fantasy or superhero detective?

39) To what extent do you think that sci-fi, fantasy and superhero media should address the social and political issues of its day and to what extent should they simply deal in escapism? Can you think of any examples that have gone too far or missed an opportunity to address an issue?

40) Do you like your magic systems hard (defined, detailed, strict rules) or soft (undefined, unclear rules, more mythic/fairy tale in character)?

41) If you were a character in a traditional rpg, what class (fighter, thief/rogue, cleric, wizard, bard, paladin, druid etc…) do you think you would belong to? Which class would you like to belong to?

42) If you don’t know what to read next, where do you look for inspiration? Do you ever check out the nominees and winners of awards like the Hugo, Nebula or Locus awards?

43) Do female authors write fantasy and science fiction differently to male authors? If yes – what do they do differently?

44) Do you know any words or phrases in a made-up fantasy, sci-fi or superhero-universe language?

45) Do you play any fantasy, sci-fi or superhero board, card or tabletop games? If yes, which ones are your favourites?

46) If you could take only one sci-fi novel, one fantasy novel and one comic (one story arc or single published volume) to a desert island, which would they be?

47) Is there a franchise of which it could be said you were a fanboy/girl?

48) Are there any authors or comic artists whose work you no longer like due to things they have said or done? What can be overlooked and what is simply too much?

49) Is there a sci-fi, fantasy or superhero novel or comic which for you epitomises the concept of ‘turning genre tropes on their head?’

50) Have you ever cried because of the story of a piece of sci-fi, fantasy or superhero media?

51) Sci-fi and fantasy writing is still looked down upon by the literary establishment. If you were trying to convince a literary snob of the quality of (at least some) sci-fi and fantasy, which work(s) would you give them to read?

52) Do you have a favourite sub genre in sci-fi, fantasy or superhero media? Fantasy horror? Space opera? Steampunk? Heroic pulp?

53) You can invite 4 or 5 guests, each from a different fantasy, sci-fi or superhero setting to a dinner party – who would you invite?

54) If you were a superhero, what would your kryptonite be?

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