Here are two nut-obsessed little sweeties. The first one is a little big (more like a small dog in 28mm scale than a squirrel) so I made a second, smaller one. The first one could either be used as a dire squirrel (they are a thing in D&D apparently) or a squirrel character. The little one is really small – see the one euro cent piece towering over him.

I sculpted them out of a number of materials. First of all a simple wire shape, then green stuff (kneadatite), then super sculpey (a polymer clay) and then final corrections with Procreate (an epoxy modelling putty similar to green stuff). You can see the green stuff shimmering through the super sculpey in many places, giving them a bit of a sickly glow…. [note to self – killer zombie squirrels]. I’ll go into the reason for not sculpting completely in greenstuff in a more detailed post soon.

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