List of ‘old-school’ fantasy miniature companies : Updated 04/09/23


Here is an ongoing list of FANTASY miniature producers that I hope should be useful. Historical list to come! – An excellent selection of fantasy and science fiction miniatures. The best way to describe them would be ‘premium quality old-school aesthetic’. The certainly give off the vibe of late 80s Citadel and old Metal Magic miniatures – but more modern in terms of quality and pose. – a very varied selection of weird and wonderful – their Night Terrors are especially cool. Every time I have ordered here – they have thrown in a free miniature! (Probably depends on size of order – I can’t guarantee this!). – lovely selection of roleplaying-style adventurers and lots more. – a wonderfully quirky selection of miniatures – witches, familiars…. and soon some miniatures sculpted by me!

Miniature by Hasslefree Miniatures. – Some of the best sculpts around – especially fantastic ‘sky-clad’ miniatures. Kev White is a master of human anatomy! – The Pantheon of Chaos and Greenskin Wars guys – amazing sculpts in the style of the late 80s / early 90s…. but better. Sculpters include Kev Adams (doing some of his best work ever in my opinion), Diego Serrate and Tim Prow. Based in the Spain. – Quirky, wonderful – a touch of Jim Henson… with a hint of fairy tale… Loads to look at here including imported ‘Bronze Age Miniatures’ and ‘Darkling Games Miniatures’. – huge selection of wonderful old-school miniatures. Need nice metal wolves? A bag of skulls? A Jabberwock? You can spend hours browsing here – Mostly historical miniatures – but with lots of useful miniatures for fantasy games nonetheless. Beasts of burden, ex-citadel miniatures etc… – an offshoot of Wargames Foundry. Website does not seem to be accessible from the EU. Website not working 09/23 – not sure if this company is still in business. A large range of D&D inspired miniatures. Also have their own skirmish/dungeon-crawl ruleset – ‘Otherworld Fantasy Skirmish’.

Miniature by Essex Miniatures The fantasy section at Essex Miniatures is full of Bob Olley goodness. I just love those overly large heads…  A mix of miniatures that have an old-school vibe – and lots that don’t. Based in Italy. Official Noggin the Nog miniatures and lovely lizardy-frog-overlord, obviously not to be confused with Slaan miniatures. Shame they don’t have a warband deal for those hoppy fellows.. Some overly modern looking stuff – but some timeless gems in here too. Mostly resin by the looks of it… (booooo hisssss) – but with loads of very tempting models and dungeon bits and pieces… Some really adorable, very old-school minis here. Worth checking out!

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