Creature of Chaos

The forests around Highstone are home to the fears, hopes, wishes, nightmares and random fever dreams lurking at the back of the mind. Normally, held back by the enchanted border, marked by hedges, rivers and in some places simple boundary stones, normal people don’t usually come into contact with these beings. If, somehow, something slips past the borders, then the border walkers are there to deal with them. However, every now and again, people need to travel along one of the paths to another settlement or town – paths protected by magics weaker than around permanent settlements. Often then the travellers spot or hear beings accompanying them, flitting from tree to tree. Shrill whistles, giggles, grunts, an occasional flash of colour, beckoning. tempting…

This fantastic miniature was a delight to paint and really well cast. It was sculpted by Ana Polanšćak ( and available from

Creature of Chaos
Points 32Quality 3+Combat 2
TraitsTrait: Poison, Quick

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes & Tales of Blades and Heroes by Ganesha Games.

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