Photography Course – details.

This course is aimed at people who have good camera but don’t really feel as if they are in control of what the camera is doing.

In the course we will learn all about the most important settings that are important for capturing a good image, such as aperture, shutter speed, ISO & white balance. We will look into how these settings affect the photo and how to use them creatively.

We will also look at what makes a good image, learn the ‘golden rules’ and examine the works of famous and less famous photographers for how these rules have been adhered to and/or broken and what this means for the ‘message’ of the photo.

Other topics that will be covered include lighting – both natural and artificial (we will spend time looking at simple studio lighting for portraits, knowledge that is useful when taking pictures of people anywhere and under any conditions) and photo editing (how to simply and effectively edit photos using free editing software – including using layers).

As I mostly take photos of people, people photography will be a main focus of the course, although we will also look at street photography and go for a photo walk through Köln Mülheim.

12 Classroom Hours (4 x weekday evening + one Sunday afternoon) Max 5 Participants. €150