The Editor….

Some of you may remember the photo that I squirted paint on (sounds artistic I know – no no stop – I’ll start taking myself seriously soon) – anyway – I have experimented further with the basic principle of a photo of a photo that has been edited manually. The trickiest part is getting the original photo to look good. You tend to get the ‘photocopy of a photocopy’ effect. So – I admit to cheating and making a montage using photo editing software. I still went through the actual process of sticking the newspaper on the photo and photographing the collage(?), but afterwards used the original image to touch up the final image.


Also, as a litte extra, here is a photo from a recent portrait shoot with a brand new model. She has got a great (as in expressive, interesting and pretty) face, and I hope to be working with her more often. So – stay alert for new updates!


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