Spontaneous Nude

Mostly I plan shoots in advance as much as possible. At the very least it is important to discuss what kind of photos you want to take – it is no good if you think you are doing a nude session and the model think it is a portrait session – things get quite complicated when you ask the model “would you please now undress”.

Sometimes, however, things can happen unexpectedly. I was asked by a young lady for an ’emergency portrait’ – i.e. her mother had requested a nice portrait for Christmas – and this was the 20th December. There wasn’t time to discuss ideas etc – I just said “ok – tomorrow – 18:30 – here”. Anway – I quite quickly got a nice portrait shot. And then with very little persuasion needed at all (something along the lines of “do you fancy doing some figure studies?”) we were doing nude body/figure shots.