I recently spent a couple of weeks in England, a week of which was spent in Devon. Now Devon is fantastic, and Dartmoor is probably the most fantastic bit of Devon. Doubly fantastic! Anyway – I found a model, arranged a shooting, everything was perfect – I was very excited. Hang on… did I say everything was perfect?

Ha ha ha…. silly me…. I forgot the British weather. Rain, wind, more rain, fog, some more rain, more wind…. it was horrible! I felt very very sorry for the model – who had to get naked and wet (well she didn’t have to – she could have turned around and gone home – but she was professional) wearing nothing but a sheep hat.

The other thing worth mentioning is, that it was difficult, nay impossible to find a square foot of ground without poo – mostly sheep and pony poo. I did my best to avoid treading in this – which resulted in a strange dance across the wind and rain swept moors. If anyone else had been stupid enough to have been out in that weather – it would almost certainly have been an odd site.

After about 5 minutes standing up on the moor with an umbrella held sideways (that was where the wind-driven rain was coming from) I was soaking wet and would probably have been better off naked myself (wet jeans are horrible!). So we went to a pub to warm up a little. We then went out and braved the elements for a second 5 minutes… That made a grand total of 10 minutes shooting (ah yes – you have been paying attention). I am quite surprised that I managed to get any photos at all. As it is I got this one – which I am really happy with. I hope you like it too!

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