Rarely, very rarely, I get the odd model from a modelling website. When I say ‘the odd model’ I obviously don’t mean models who are odd… I mean the occasional model. Although in this case maybe ‘odd’ is probably the correct word… Wonderfully odd that is! The lovely Serathina is quite simply a fruit-loop. I don’t think I have ever seen her with the same hair twice in a row.

So – when I first wrote to Serathina, drawn, as I often am, to people who look mad, I was delighted to find a model who will try anything – however messy or crazy. Funny, reliable, talkative… she is a fantastic model, a total nerd and a friend.

Here are a range of photos, some from our very first shoot, photos taken for and in the style of an ‘alternative’ magazine and also  behind the scenes photos – obviously not all up to the standards of my work now – but still special to me as a documentary of my work and progression 🙂

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