Practise what you preach…

So – tomorrow sees the official publication of the latest edition of ‘Pictures Magazin’ – a German photography magazine (hence the missing letter ‘e’). In the magazine there is a 6 page article about me…. yes me… well – about my photography anyway.

I was asked to give 5 tips to other budding hobby photographers. After much straining of my limited cranial contents, I came up with 5 rather odd tips. The first was ‘Pose naked yourself first. You can’t expect anything of others that you would not be prepared to do yourself’.

The article also mentions my website. So I thought I’d blog this photo for any new visitors to show them that I practise what I preach. This photo was taken by a friend of mine. It was taken in my bathroom at home – in the mirror – with a few carefully positioned bits n’ pieces on the shelf under the mirror. If you have just eaten and are now looks at the vomit cooling over your keyboard, I am truly sorry.

As you can see – I am not really ‘model material’ by any normal definition. But actually that is what adds to this photo (in my opinion). Imagine how boring it would be if the model were a typical male ‘underwear model’. Booooooooring. I guess the tip that I should have given in the article is – find interesting models. People of different shapes and sizes with personalities are much more fascinating subjects than the same boring models with exactly the same figures and the same set model expressions.