New Projection Photos

projectionnew2I have been rather busy taking photos using the projector that a friend lent to me and am pleased to announce that the gallery has now been updated. It is really fun working with the projector as it gives you all sorts of possibilities that are not available otherwise, but also causes certain problems not normally encountered with standard lighting. Some big problems are:

1) The actual lack of light – the projector is nowhere near as bright as a studio flash

2) Lining the model up with the design being projected so that the final image is how you want it, and keeping the model in that exact position

projectionnew93) Not being able to use other light sources in combination with the main light, as this leads to the ‘bleaching’ of the image being projected

4) The inevitable hard shadow which needs to be integrated into the final image.

This however makes the whole thing fun. It is very easy to fall into a pattern – “this is how I light my photos – and this is how I am going to carry on lighting my photos” – trying something so very different shakes you up a bit as a photographer and makes you think once more about what you are doing and why. So – this project was ‘good’ for me 🙂 I hope that it wasn’t just therapy though and that you also like the photos 🙂

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