New Nude Gallery!


The updating frenzy continues… with another nude gallery! Ok… there are only 5 photos there so far… but now I have space to expand 😉

This may be a good time to go into a bit more detail about my models. Who are they? A lot of photographers search for their models online and go trawling through the modelling sites full of orange girlies and their trowel-applied makeup. I tend not to…. 😛 Almost all my models are friends and acquaintances.

Most of them are really nervous the first time… but most really enjoy the experience and come back for more. Most of my models only pose for me too… Several times I have suggested to individual models that they can also go to other photographers – but this suggestion is quickly quashed with a ‘no! I only pose for you!’. This is obviously a lovely compliment and also means that for a lot of my models, you will only find photos of them here.

The lovely young lady here is a good example. A student with obvious talents (I am not winking! Honestly… ok… maybe a little bit) she has posed for me a few times now and hasn’t posed for any other photographers as far as I know. Maybe I don’t tell my models this often enough – so I am doing so now. I am very grateful for the trust and think you are all fantastic!


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