My Greek Friend

A few times now in this blog, I have written about various models that I have worked with. So far this has been relatively ad hoc, but now I intend to do this properly. So I would like to start off with a small tribute to a very good friend of mine who has strayed in front of my lens on several occasions.

Recently a rather pompous photography-philosopher wrote in response to a photo that somebody uploaded online, that the difference between a photographer and somebody who merely takes snapshots is, that a photographer can divorce himself from any attachment to the subject of a photo and regard its merits dispassionately. If that is true, then I have to admit my guilt – I am a mere taker of snapshots.

I have to admit this, because it is almost impossible for me to ignore how I feel about the subject of my photos. This is most obvious when I view photos of my son – I love every photo – even the bad ones, because I love the subject. It is also true when I look at photos of the subject of this post. The young lady in question is a very good friend of mine and I find it very hard to judge the photos I have taken of her without thinking ‘ah… I like Adelheid (name changed to confound google) , she is great!’. I hope that the photos I take of her are great too – I think they are – but, as explained,  I can’t tell!

Anyway – apart from having a fake name and being great, who is this model friend of mine? Well, she isn’t a model, and has never posed for anyone else. She is a huge geek/nerd (as illustrated by the comic projection in some of the photos), intelligent, multi-lingual and absolutely pedantic about totally unimportant things – such as the colour of the inner lining of the cape of a minor character in a Marvel comic. Oh yes, and you might notice that she has great breasts! 😉

So here are some more photos of this friend of mine – some of which you may recognise from various galleries here on this site – but also some photos not published elsewhere and some more casual photos from us sitting around in my old shop. I hope they stand up to objective scrutiny! 😉 They certainly won’t be the last I take of her!

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