So – it is time for another model gallery. This model has become one of my best friends over the last 2 years… She ventured into my shop in July 2012 (sigh – back then when I had my lovely shop… sniff…) and we quickly discovered that we both shared a passion for photography. Since then I have had the pleasure of working with her on several occasions… and she has taken some portraits of me too (being a talented photographer on top of a great model). I think that without my friendship to ‘Hesperethusa’, photography would be a lot less fun and a good deal blander for me. She is a shoulder to lean on when the trend towards waxen, ‘frequency-split’ beauty-retouching makes me want to weep a bit in the corner.

As a model, she is classy, fun, involved, intelligent, experimental and…. let’s be honest… beautiful. What a face! To be fair, other photographers manage to get her looking even more classically beautiful – I enjoy messing around with her far too much (grimaces, dressing up, clown-makeup etc….) – and that makes every shoot something to look forward to! Right… note to self – photos that show how stunningly pretty she really is – I’ll add that to my long list.

As usual for these model galleries – this is a selection of photos from the last two years – including behind-the-scenes photos and photos from our very first shoot – so yes, it might come across as a bit random…

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