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One of the most important things after having done a photo shoot is choosing the images you want to edit/show people. Some photographers will upload all the photos from a shoot to a photo site like flickr. This is horrible! Out of focus shots, shots where the model is making weird (not good weird) expressions, angles not flattering to the model’s figure etc should not be shown! And I will never do that!

I usually have a particular image or images in mind when doing a shoot and tend to do lots of slightly different shots of the same image, to get exactly the photo I want. Sometimes a spontaneous, unplanned shot can turn out wonderfully though. The problem with me is that photos that are not bad, though not what I was aiming for, but not accidentally very good,  often end up languishing on my hard drive. I do tend to edit them and send them to the model (if it is a model shoot) – but I don’t show them in galleries. Well – that is partly what I am going to use this blog for. To show photos that are perfectly fine, but don’t fit in to whatever agenda I had at the time of the shoot. Sometimes comments I get from friends or simple changes in my perspective over time (freed from the original ‘goal’ I had when taking the photos) make me realise that some one of the ‘B photos’ is actually better than the one I had on display. So I go back and re-choose.

These photos here a good example of what I mean. The aim of the shoot with this lovely model (a friend via my shop) was the tongue photo you can see on the ‘home’ page of this site. The model stuck her long tongue out at me (I am so charming I get such reactions) and I knew I had to take a portrait like that. The other photos were taken during that shoot. Am I right in having stuck with the sticking-out-tongue portrait as ‘the’ image from the shoot? Or is the moody portrait at the top here actually quite good too? Time will tell 🙂

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