Birthday shoot photo…

AbwendungI have started a little tradition – for the second year in a row, I have done a birthday shoot. How does this work? Very simple – the conversation goes like this:

– ‘Do you have time to come and pose for me on (in this case) Sunday?’
– ‘Ah….. I don’t know… I don’t think so’
– ‘That’s a shame… it is my birthday :-(‘
– ‘Really?? Your birthday? It doesn’t say so on Facebook!’
– ‘Yeh… I have it hidden on Facebook’
– ‘Ok – considering it is your birthday, I’ll see what I can do!’

And then we do a shoot! This year I got two friends to come over (we enjoyed a nice game of ‘Blood Bowl Team Manager’ the evening before – yes -we are all geeks’) and I decided to use (among other things) my rather lovely wallpaper as a background… Although I normally dislike explaining my photos, my main idea here was a relationship (not sexual – you perverts!) that is over – but one person in the relationship is not aware of the fact. The wallpaper echoes the intertwined and ‘clinging on’ and yet at the same time ‘striving for freedom’ themes portrayed by the models’ poses…


Just out of interest… as I mentioned that it has become/is becoming a tradition – this is my favourite photo from last year’s birthday shoot. So… in just about one year from now you can expect the next birthday shoot photo! Maybe when I am old and wrinkly (well… older and wrinklier) I’ll have enough for a gallery 🙂

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